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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can use Ride-On?
Ride-On Transportation was developed to meet the transportation needs for all residents of San Luis Obispo County. We have discounted services designed for special population such as Seniors, Veterans and Riders with developmental disabilities. Ride-On provides door-to-door transportation and shuttles for the general public. We will take you into Santa Maria, but your trip must start in San Luis Obispo County.

How do I set up a ride on Ride-On?
You can call Ride-on at (805) 541-8747, Monday through Friday from 6:30 am until 5:00 pm. Our customer service representative will set you up in our scheduling software and take your information about your ride. It is good to call us at least two days before your ride, but we will try to provide your ride, even if it is on the same day as your request. You can also fill out our online ride request 24 hours a day and our schedulers will get it scheduled for you. We ask that you treat our customer service representatives with respect as they try to add your ride request to the 700 rides we do each day. How much does Ride-On cost? The fares for Ride-On vary quite a bit depending if you qualify for a specialized transportation service which is funded by government agencies.. Our full fares are based on where your ride starts and finishes. We recommend you call our office for fare information at (805) 541-8747.

How will I know my ride is scheduled?
Ride-On uses a notification software to call our riders around 1 pm on the day before their ride with the exact pick-up times for your ride. You may not get the time you requested for your pick up, because we are picking up several riders. We will always schedule you to arrive at your destination before your requested time. If you do not receive a call from Ride-On by 2 pm, please call our office to check on the status of your ride.

Can I have an attendant on my ride?
Yes, you can have an adult personal care attendant who will assist you on your trip for no charge. A second traveling companion must pay $5 each way to accompany the rider. Ride-On drivers cannot go into your home, so you will need an attendant to help you in your home. Ride-On drivers cannot sign you out of a medical facility, so you will need to bring an attendant if the medical facilities requires you to be signed out after a treatment. If you need to carry more than four bags into your home, please have an attendant assist you with bringing the bags into your home.

Can I ask my driver about my return ride?
No, the driver does not have information about your return trip. You need to call the Ride-On office for any information about future rides and fare information. Please treat the drivers with respect, as they have a very demanding job.

What are the rules for riding on Ride-On?
You must pay your fare to the driver when they pick you up, unless you have charged the ride on your credit card. All riders must wear their seatbelt. Riders with small children must provide their own child safety seat. Riders in scooters need to transfer into a regular seat while being transported. Ride-On does not transport people in gurnies. No weapons are allowed on Ride-On vehicles. No smoking or use of any tobacco products allowed.

What if I need to cancel my ride?
It is very important that you notify Ride-On as soon as you know that you do not need your ride. We ask that you give us 24 hours notice of a cancelation. We must have 2 hours notice or it will be considered a “no-show”. Riders can be suspended from riding on Ride-On for more than two “no shows”.

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Ride-On is Proud to Continue Providing Transportation Services in SLO County for Over 20 Years!

Ride-On Transportation has provided more than 20 years of transportation Services in SLO County

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